Our Team

John Fredrick Maddocks

A renowned entrepreneur with several years of experience devoted to running successful cutting edge businesses. Currently serving in a ministerial capacity at a faith based organization. He is a non executive director with Fortgate Consulting.

Timi Durodola

Timi Durodola is Senior Vice President with Fortgate Trade & Consulting Services which assists small and medium scale Canadian companies generate incremental sales and income by successfully creating and sustaining demand for their products and services in Africa.

His export trade consultancy work is a strategic response on how Canadian exporters can successfully focus and win big in specific African markets. The value delivered enables them develop clarity, save time, money and achieve their desired outcomes through customized solutions that cuts out bureaucratic red tape.

Canadian exporters can now demystify the African markets and benefit from its tremendous potentials. Many are discovering a flourishing market with ready buyers and reliable partners for their products and services by taking up the solutions on offer.

Timi actively advocates mindset changes to policy and strategic frameworks for maximising execution of Canada's Export Diversification Strategy; especially as it relates to Africa. He directly engages with policy makers, regularly contributing articles to Trade journals of the Forum for International Trade (FIIT), and the Chamber of Commerce, Edmonton.

Tim is a Canadian Certified International Trade Practitioner (CITP) in the making; a proud Alumnus of the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. and the City Banking College, England, He earned his professional qualification as Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in England, (ACIB) in 1993. He has lived and worked in Europe, Africa and North America

Before migrating to Canada, Timi enjoyed a 21 year stint in Commercial and Corporate Banking in three Pan African Banks; (11) at middle and senior management levels; creating strategic value for a large portfolio of SME businesses, managing systemic and trade risks, and facilitating financing for several oil & gas infrastructure projects and international trade transactions.

He has deep understanding of the economics of the local African markets and a rich plethora of contacts across several industries. He was part of the team that successfully financed the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system into Africa's transportation infrastructure for the first time in 2008.

Timi is also Executive Producer and creative spirit behind ‘STOP THE ACCIDENTS’!!!, a communications outfit that advocates Canadian type health & safety solutions to unsafe acts and their links to fatal incidents and deaths in some of Africa’s biggest economies. He resides in Edmonton, Alberta with his family

George Udoh

George is a former banking and finance senior executive with over 15 years experience, and an ICT entrepreneur who has extensive experience and a huge network of contacts in the oil and gas infrastructure segment of the emerging markets. He is a Vice President and resource person with Fortgate Consulting.

Shola Oladunjoye Falemi

Shola is an entrepreneur with extensive knowledge and business cum political contacts in the USA, and several emerging market countries in Africa. He is a vice president and resource person with Fortgate Consulting.